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rotating images of Lois's artworks

Artist's Statement:

I work in a variety of media all of which allow me to express the range of feelings that I experience when engaged in looking both inside and out.

My early collage pieces are highly personal works that incorporate universal themes. They often juxtapose incongruous images, creating surreal inner landscapes where Time and Space are elastic and people and objects converge in unexpected ways. Likened to the works of Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Cornell, they combine found objects as well as self-made images and backgrounds that express an idea or tell a story. Like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, the thrill and the challenge is in choosing the elements to be pieced together without a picture of what the whole should look like to guide me.

A growing need to interpret the compelling landscape that surrounds me in the Catskill Mountains where I live, and a desire to increase my ability to see and explore additional dimensions of reality, led me to a week-long retreat called Seeing With the Unconditioned Mind at Zen Mountain Monastery with the abbot, John Daido Loori. I began to see with a new freshness the beauty and richness in natural patterns created by wind, water, air and the passage of time.I interpreted these through drawing, painting and photography, creating abstract and semi-abstract works on paper and canvas.

I see myself as a creative explorer going on a dig to excavate and bring to light images, relationships and stories.Through them, I give voice to emotions and thoughts that may be just below the surface or deeply buried under may layers. I am on a journey, and in the words of Anatole France: If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.

upcoming events

Book Launch and Art Exhibit

Hands At Work: A Mother-Daughter Creation

artwork by Lois Linet & poetry by Valerie Linet


Sunday January 26, 2014 at 4pm
86 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock,NY
Fireside reading and refreshments.
  RSVP 845-679-9979


Sunday February 2, 2014  at 3pm
4033 Route 28A West Shokan, NY

Poet Kasey Jueds reading
from her award-winning book 
Hands At Work: A Mother-Daughter Creation